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Is it okay to move a Frigidaire refrigerator laying down?

It is generally not recommended to move a Frigidaire refrigerator laying down. Here's why:
1. Damage to the compressor: Refrigerators contain a compressor that helps circulate refrigerant and maintain cooling. When a refrigerator is laid down, the oil from the compressor can flow into other parts of the system, potentially causing damage or affecting its performance.
2. Cooling system issues: Moving a refrigerator laying down can disrupt the cooling system, particularly if it is not properly stabilized during transport. This can lead to cooling inefficiencies or damage to internal components.
3. Door and hinge damage: Laying a refrigerator down increases the risk of damaging the doors, hinges, or other external parts. The weight of the refrigerator and the potential for shifting during transport can cause stress on these components.
If you need to move a Frigidaire refrigerator, it is generally recommended to transport it in an upright position. If it must be laid down temporarily, ensure it is properly secured and allow it to sit upright for a significant amount of time (at least 24 hours) before plugging it in. This allows any oil that may have moved during transportation to settle back into the compressor.
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