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Miele Optima Series G 2470, where is the tab button?

The Miele Optima Series G 2470 vacuum cleaner does not typically have a "tab" button as part of its standard features. However, Miele vacuum cleaners often include various buttons, switches, and indicators for different functions. Here's a general overview of the buttons and functions you might find on a Miele Optima Series G 2470 vacuum: 1. Power Button: The main power button is used to turn the vacuum on and off. It's usually located on the vacuum's body or handle. Pressing this button activates or deactivates the vacuum's motor. 2. Cord Rewind Button: Some Miele vacuums come with a cord rewind feature. This button allows you to automatically retract the power cord after use. Look for a cord rewind button, often marked with an icon resembling a cord winding around a spool. 3. Suction Control: The vacuum may have buttons or dials that allow you to adjust the suction power for different cleaning tasks. These buttons might be labeled with icons depicting different surface types. 4. Brush Roll On/Off: If the vacuum includes a motorized brush roll for carpets, there might be a button to turn it on or off. This is useful when transitioning from carpeted to hard surfaces. Filter Indicator: Some Miele vacuums feature a filter change indicator that alerts you when it's time to replace the filter. This indicator might reset automatically when you change the filter or require a manual reset. 5. Accessory Release Button: Vacuums like the Miele Optima Series G 2470 often come with various attachments and tools. There might be a button or latch to release and attach these accessories, such as crevice tools or upholstery brushes. 6. Dustbin or Dustbag Release: If your model uses a dustbin or dustbag, there could be a button or latch to release and access the bin or bag compartment for emptying or replacement. It's important to consult your Miele Optima Series G 2470 vacuum's user manual to accurately identify the functions and buttons on your specific model. If you're seeking information about a specific button labeled as "tab" or require assistance with a particular function, refer to the user manual or contact Miele's customer service for guidance.
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