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What are the warning signs my plumbing may need repairs?

  • Higher water bills. If you didn't increase your water usage and still got a higher water bill, it could indicate an issue with your plumbing. Even large leaks frequently happen in walls and other difficult-to-access places. The leak could go unnoticed.
  • Water pressure drop. Your home's water pressure can drop suddenly. If the dip affects a small portion of your home, there could only be a problem. If the issue spreads throughout your house, you may have a problem with your water main.
  • The water heater is not reliable. If your home's hot water is inconsistent, you need to determine what is causing the problem. Your water lines, the heater, or both may contain silt. Additionally, your water heater can be too small.
  • Stains and damp areas on ceilings and walls. This problem might be a plumbing concern or a leak in your home's roof or external walls. Do not simply wipe the water away and go on. The leak may be more severe than you realize since it is hidden from view.
  • Varying water levels in toilets. This condition often points to an issue with a sewage system. It's possible that the line is damaged or that tree roots have penetrated it. If ignored, this problem might worsen and harm the foundation of your house and the basement.
  • Leaks get worse. You can forget a little leak. However, leaks often worsen over time. This can necessitate costly repairs and early plumbing replacement.
  • Cracks only lead to more and bigger cracks. You may discover a little fracture in your plumbing system. Even though it might not be a problem immediately, this usually worsens with time. Cracks will continue to grow and spread. Your issue won't go away; it'll just become worse.
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