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What level should I put my attachment for Miele to vacuum carpets?

When vacuuming carpets with a Miele vacuum cleaner, it's important to adjust the height level of the attachment or brush head to achieve the best cleaning results. Miele vacuum cleaners typically offer height adjustment options to cater to different carpet pile heights and flooring types. Finding the correct height level ensures that the vacuum effectively removes dirt, dust, and debris from the carpet fibers without causing any damage. The general guideline for adjusting the attachment or brush head on a Miele vacuum cleaner for carpets is to set it at a height where it lightly touches the carpet surface. If the attachment is set too high, it won't effectively agitate the carpet fibers, and if it's set too low, it might create too much friction and resistance, potentially damaging both the carpet and the vacuum cleaner. To begin, set the attachment to its highest height setting. Then, turn on the vacuum and slowly lower the attachment while gently pushing it forward. Listen for changes in the vacuum's sound and observe how the carpet fibers react. You're aiming for a height where the attachment makes good contact with the carpet, but without excessive resistance or strain on the vacuum's motor. If the vacuum becomes hard to push or the motor sounds strained, you might need to raise the attachment slightly. Conversely, if you don't feel any resistance and the carpet fibers aren't agitating, consider lowering the attachment slightly until you find the optimal balance. Miele often provides recommendations in the user manual or on their website for specific height settings based on the carpet type you're cleaning. If you have a mix of carpeted areas with different pile heights or different flooring types, it's a good idea to adjust the height setting accordingly as you move from one area to another. In conclusion, the ideal height setting for vacuuming carpets with a Miele vacuum cleaner is one where the attachment lightly touches the carpet surface. This ensures effective dirt removal without causing damage to the carpet or strain on the vacuum's motor. Experiment with different height levels, listen to the vacuum's sound and observe the carpet fibers' response to find the perfect setting for your specific carpet type and flooring. Always consult the user manual or Miele's guidelines for any specific recommendations related to your model vacuum cleaner.
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