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Where is the end of cycle button on Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer?

The Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer is part of the Whirlpool Smart Front Load Gas Dryer series. It features a range of convenient options and functions, including the "End of Cycle" button. The "End of Cycle" button allows you to access and adjust settings related to the completion of your drying cycle, including signal alerts and the Wrinkle Shield feature. Here's how to locate and use the "End of Cycle" button on the Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer:

1. Location of the "End of Cycle" Button:
On the Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer, the "End of Cycle" button is typically located on the control panel, which is usually positioned at the front of the dryer near the top. The exact location may vary slightly depending on the dryer's design, but it's generally labeled clearly as "End of Cycle" or "Signal."
2. Function of the "End of Cycle" Button:
The "End of Cycle" button serves multiple functions:
Adjusting Signal Alerts: You can use this button to change the signal alert settings that indicate the end of a drying cycle. These settings typically include options like "On," "Off," or different volume levels. Adjusting the signal alert allows you to control whether the dryer plays a sound when the cycle finishes.
Enabling or Disabling Wrinkle Shield: The "End of Cycle" button may also allow you to activate or deactivate the Wrinkle Shield feature. When enabled, Wrinkle Shield periodically tumbles your clothes after the drying cycle is complete to prevent wrinkles.
Accessing Additional Options: In some models, pressing the "End of Cycle" button may also allow you to access additional drying cycle options or secondary settings related to the end-of-cycle process.
3. How to Use the "End of Cycle" Button:
To use the "End of Cycle" button on your Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer, follow these steps:
a. Turn on the dryer by pressing the "Power" button or rotating the cycle selector knob to the desired drying cycle.
b. Start the drying cycle by pressing the "Start" button or initiating the cycle through the control panel.
c. During the drying cycle, you can press the "End of Cycle" button to adjust the signal alert or enable/disable the Wrinkle Shield feature as desired.
d. Press the button repeatedly to cycle through the available options. For example, you may see "Off," "Low," "Medium," and "High" settings for the signal alert.
e. When you reach the desired setting, stop pressing the button. The selected option will be saved.
f. Continue with your drying cycle as usual.
4. Wrinkle Shield Feature:
If your Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer has the Wrinkle Shield feature enabled, it will periodically tumble your clothes for an extended period after the cycle ends to prevent wrinkles. This can be particularly useful if you're unable to remove your laundry immediately after the cycle finishes.

In summary, the "End of Cycle" button on the Whirlpool WGD6620HC dryer is typically located on the control panel near the top front of the appliance. It allows you to adjust settings related to signal alerts and the Wrinkle Shield feature, providing flexibility and convenience for customizing your drying experience. Please refer to your dryer's user manual for model-specific instructions and details on using the "End of Cycle" button and other features effectively.
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