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Why does thermador dishwasher keeps going to auto

If your Thermador dishwasher keeps going to the "Auto" mode or resetting to the "Auto" mode during a cycle, it could indicate a few possible reasons: 1. Control Panel Issue: A malfunction in the dishwasher's control panel could cause it to register incorrect settings or inputs, leading to the dishwasher defaulting to the "Auto" mode. This could be due to a stuck button, a faulty control board, or electronic glitches. 2. Power Interruption: If there is a power interruption during the cycle, the dishwasher may revert to the default "Auto" mode when power is restored. This could be caused by a power outage or unplugging the dishwasher during operation. 3. Sensor Problem: The dishwasher's auto mode relies on sensors to detect the soil level and adjust the wash cycle accordingly. If the sensors are malfunctioning or blocked, the dishwasher may continuously default to auto mode. 4. Software or Firmware Issue: Sometimes, a software or firmware glitch can cause the dishwasher's programming to become unstable, resulting in unexpected behaviors like defaulting to the "Auto" mode. To troubleshoot the issue, try the following steps: 1. Power Cycle: Turn off the dishwasher at the circuit breaker or unplug it for a few minutes, then power it back on. This may reset the control panel and clear any electronic glitches. 2. Inspect Buttons and Sensors: Check the dishwasher's control panel for any stuck buttons or debris that could be affecting the settings. Also, ensure that the sensors are clean and unobstructed. If the problem persists, it is advisable to contact Thermador customer support or a qualified dishwasher technician for further diagnosis and repair. They can pinpoint the exact cause of the issue and provide appropriate solutions to resolve the problem with your Thermador dishwasher.
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