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Are store bought drain cleaners harmful to my pipes?

It is alright to use these products on minor clogs but if you have a completely clogged drain you should NEVER attempt to use these products to fix it. It can do much more damage than you would expect. For severely clogged drains you need to either snake the drain yourself or rely on a trusted local professional to take care of this problem for you. Also, it is important to note that on drains that have garbage disposals attached, you should never use a caustic drain cleaner.While they may seem like the easy solution to a clog, chemical drain openers represent a potentially serious, if not lethal, consequence if not used properly. Why? Chemically opening a drain rarely removes the problem completely. Usually the chemical burns a hole through the obstruction, which allows the wastewater to drain away, but leaves elements behind that will cause another obstruction to form later. Chemicals mixed with other agents already in the drain can cause a violent reaction, resulting in blindness and permanent skin damage. Using more than one kind of chemical drain opener can also create a chemical mixture that can either be volatile or release toxic fumes. Call your plumbing professional if you have any doubts about what you are doing or using when you encounter a clogged drain.
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