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How to Whirlpool Accubake gas range WFG374LVB1 with no keypad button?

If your Whirlpool Accubake gas range model WFG374LVB1 has no keypad buttons, it's essential to understand that the absence of a keypad may limit the functionality of your appliance. However, you can still use the basic features of the range by manually controlling the burners and oven. Here's a guide on how to operate the gas range without a keypad:

1. Igniting the Burners:
To manually ignite the burners on your Whirlpool Accubake gas range, follow these steps:
a. Ensure the gas supply to the range is turned on.
b. Locate the burner you want to use, and lift the burner grates to access the burner caps and bases.
c. Find the burner base and locate the igniter. It's typically a small metal or ceramic piece with a white or gray tip.
d. Turn the corresponding burner knob to the "LITE" or "IGNITE" position. This will release gas to the burner.
e. Hold a long-reach lighter or a fireplace match near the burner base and igniter.
f. Once the burner ignites, release the knob and adjust it to your desired flame level.
2. Controlling Burner Temperature:
You can control the temperature of each burner by turning the corresponding knob. The knob usually has temperature indicators such as "LOW," "MEDIUM," and "HIGH." Experiment with the settings to achieve the desired heat level for cooking.
3. Using the Oven:
To manually use the oven without a keypad, follow these steps:
a. Make sure the gas supply to the oven is turned on.
b. Open the oven door and locate the oven burner at the bottom.
c. Find the oven temperature control knob. This knob typically has temperature markings in degrees Fahrenheit or Celsius.
d. Turn the oven temperature control knob to the desired temperature setting. This will set the oven to the selected temperature.
e. Wait for the oven to preheat. You can use an oven thermometer to verify the actual temperature if needed.
f. Once the oven reaches the desired temperature, place your food inside and close the oven door.
g. Monitor your cooking time manually using a timer or clock.
4. Using a Timer:
Since your gas range lacks a digital keypad, you'll need an external timer or a simple kitchen timer to keep track of cooking times. Set the timer to the desired duration, and it will alert you when your food is ready.
5. Cleaning and Maintenance:
To keep your gas range in good condition, make sure to perform regular cleaning and maintenance. Clean the burners, burner caps, grates, and oven interior as needed. Refer to your user manual for specific cleaning instructions.
6. Seeking Professional Help:
If you encounter any issues with your gas range or need repairs, it's best to consult a professional appliance technician. They can diagnose and fix any problems with your appliance's components, such as the ignition system or thermostat.

While operating your Whirlpool Accubake gas range without a keypad is possible, it's important to note that modern appliances with keypads offer convenience and advanced features. If you find it challenging to cook without the keypad or wish to access additional functions, you may consider investing in a replacement keypad or upgrading to a newer gas range model that includes digital controls.
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