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How to relight the water heater pilot light on an A. O. Smith Pro Max?

Relighting the pilot light on an A. O. Smith Pro Max water heater is a straightforward process, but it's essential to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully to ensure safety. The pilot light is a small flame that ignites the gas burner to heat the water in the tank. If your pilot light has gone out, here are step-by-step instructions on how to relight it:

Safety Precautions:
Before you begin, prioritize safety:
* Turn off the gas supply: Locate the gas valve near the bottom of your water heater and turn it to the "OFF" position. This will shut off the gas supply to the water heater.
* Ventilation: Ensure the area around the water heater is well-ventilated to prevent the buildup of gas fumes.

Tools and Materials:
You'll need a few basic tools and materials:
1. Long-reach lighter or matchstick: A long-reach lighter is the safest option for lighting the pilot.
2. Flashlight: This will help you see the pilot assembly clearly, especially if your water heater is located in a dimly lit area.
Relighting the Pilot Light:
1. Access the Pilot Assembly: Open the access panel or door on your A. O. Smith Pro Max water heater. This panel is usually located near the bottom of the unit. Use a flashlight to illuminate the inside of the access area.
2. Locate the Pilot Assembly: Inside the access panel, you'll find the pilot assembly. It consists of a small tube with a control knob and a small metal tube connected to the gas supply.
3. Turn the Control Knob: Locate the control knob on the pilot assembly. It typically has three settings: "OFF," "PILOT," and "ON." Turn the control knob to the "OFF" position and wait for at least 5 minutes. This allows any residual gas to dissipate.
4. Set the Control Knob to "PILOT": After waiting, turn the control knob from "OFF" to "PILOT." You may need to push it down as you turn it. This will allow gas to flow to the pilot assembly.
5. Ignite the Pilot Light: Hold the long-reach lighter or matchstick close to the pilot assembly's opening while depressing the control knob. This will allow gas to flow, and you should see the pilot flame ignite. Continue to hold the control knob down for about 30 seconds to 1 minute to ensure the pilot light stays lit.
6. Release the Control Knob: After a minute or so, release the control knob. The pilot flame should remain lit. If it goes out, wait a few minutes and repeat the process.
7. Set the Control Knob to "ON": Once the pilot light is burning steadily, turn the control knob to the "ON" position. This will allow the gas to flow to the main burner, heating the water.
8. Close the Access Panel: Close and secure the access panel or door on your water heater.
9. Turn on the Gas Supply: Return to the gas valve and turn it to the "ON" position to restore gas flow to the water heater.
10. Monitor the Water Heater: Keep an eye on your water heater for a while to ensure it's functioning correctly. You should feel hot water flowing from the taps in due time.

If you encounter any issues during this process, such as the pilot light repeatedly going out or smelling gas, turn off the gas supply immediately and contact a qualified technician for assistance. It's essential to address any potential problems with the gas supply or the water heater's components to ensure safe and efficient operation.

In summary, relighting the pilot light on an A. O. Smith Pro Max water heater involves following a series of steps to ensure safety and successful ignition. Always prioritize safety by turning off the gas supply and providing adequate ventilation before attempting to relight the pilot. If you encounter any difficulties or persistent issues, seek professional assistance to diagnose and address any underlying problems with your water heater.
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