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I was wondering if I could schedule a service appointment. I got one non-working fridge and one that isn't working properly. I think the non-working fridge has a dead compressor; I'm not sure. There's no sound coming out of it, and the freezer/fridge is not cool. It's a GE Profile fridge and is about 11 years old. We just keep it in our garage. It's our spare fridge, so there's no water hooked or anything like that. Then we have an in-house KitchenAid bottom-freezer refrigerator that is about 3 years old. The problem is that it keeps icing up. And when that happens, the refrigerator portion won't cool properly. The sooner your guys could come out, the better.

Yeah, we have an open schedule here. The soonest would be tomorrow between 9 and 12 in the morning. If not, there's also a spot available in the afternoon between 1 to 4 PM. Normally, we have a service call fee . But since you have 2 units that need service, that's an additional. Totaling for the service fee. That pays for the technician to travel to your home, inspect your unit and tell you what's wrong. That fee will be waived once you proceed with the repairs with us.

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