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I'm calling to see if you guys repair refrigerators. Our refrigerator is a built-in KitchenAid refrigerator. And I was going to see if I could schedule an appointment or how much it is. A week or two ago, it wasn't staying cool. I had somebody come out; I think he refilled the freon. And now, when I turn it on, it goes really loud. Also, we'd be more comfortable if our technician was American. Not to be mean, it's because we had a problem in the past.

The soonest technician we can send will be tomorrow between 1 to 4 PM. We have a service call fee, which pays for the technician to inspect your fridge and tell you what's wrong. That will be waived if you proceed with the repairs with us. Please keep your phone lines active since our technicians will call you 30 minutes before letting you know of their arrival. We'll put a note here that you would like an American technician.

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