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where is the control lock button on maytag washer

Maytag washers typically do not have a specific "control lock button" as part of their standard features. However, some modern Maytag washers, like many other modern appliances, may offer a "Control Lock" or "Child Lock" function to prevent accidental or unauthorized changes to the settings while the washer is in operation. If your Maytag washer has a control lock feature, it is likely to be accessible through the control panel or user interface. Here's a general guide to finding and using the control lock function on a Maytag washer: 1. Check the control panel: Look for a button or a combination of buttons with a lock symbol or a label such as "Control Lock" or "Child Lock." The symbol might resemble a lock or a padlock. 2. Activation and deactivation: To activate or deactivate the control lock function, press and hold the "Control Lock" button (or the appropriate combination of buttons) for a few seconds. Some washers may require you to hold two buttons simultaneously, such as "Control Lock" and "Start" or "Control Lock" and "Cancel." 3. Indicator light: Once the control lock is engaged, you might see a light or indicator on the control panel, indicating that the controls are locked. 4. Preventing changes: With the control lock active, you won't be able to change the washer's settings, start a new cycle, or cancel a running cycle until the lock is deactivated. 5. Deactivating the lock: To unlock the controls and regain full functionality, repeat the process of pressing and holding the "Control Lock" button or the required combination of buttons. Please note that the availability of the control lock feature and its location on the control panel may vary depending on the specific model of your Maytag washer. If you're having trouble finding or using the control lock function, consult the washer's user manual for detailed instructions or contact Maytag customer support for assistance. Keep in mind that newer models or versions may have different features or functionalities, so it's always best to refer to the most up-to-date information for your particular washer model.
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