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which cycle should i use for towels on maytag washer

When washing towels in a Maytag washer, the ideal cycle to use would be the "Heavy Duty" or "Bulky/Sheets" cycle. These cycles are specifically designed to handle large, heavy items like towels, bedding, and bulky fabrics. The "Heavy Duty" cycle typically offers a longer wash time and more vigorous agitation to effectively remove dirt, stains, and detergent residues from towels. It provides a thorough cleaning while also ensuring that the towels are well-rinsed to remove any remaining detergent or fabric softener. The "Bulky/Sheets" cycle is also suitable for washing towels as it offers a gentler wash action to prevent excessive wear and tear on the fabric while still providing excellent cleaning performance. This cycle is ideal for larger items like towels and sheets, ensuring they have enough space to move freely in the drum for a thorough and even wash. When loading the towels into the washer, avoid overstuffing the drum, as this can lead to inadequate cleaning and rinsing. Instead, arrange the towels loosely in the drum, allowing them to move around freely during the wash cycle. Additionally, it's best to use a high-quality detergent and avoid using too much fabric softener, as excessive softener can reduce the towels' absorbency over time. Follow the detergent manufacturer's recommended dosage for your specific load size. Lastly, consider using cold water setting for washing towels, as hot water can cause them to lose their color and integrity over time. Cold water is often sufficient for cleaning towels effectively, and it can save energy in the process. By using the appropriate cycle, loading the washer correctly, and following these tips, you can ensure that your Maytag washer effectively cleans and preserves the quality of your towels for many uses to come. Always refer to the washer's user manual for specific instructions and cycle options for your particular Maytag model.
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