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How do you replace an Amana NED7200TW dryer belt?

Replacing the dryer belt on an Amana NED7200TW model involves several steps. Here's a concise guide: 1. Safety First: Unplug the dryer from the power source to ensure safety during the replacement process. 2. Access the Dryer Interior: Open the dryer door and use a putty knife or a flat-head screwdriver to release the spring clips holding the top panel to the front panel. Lift the top panel to access the interior. 3. Remove the Front Panel: Locate and remove the screws inside the front panel that secure it to the sides. Tilt the front panel forward and disconnect any wires connected to the door switch. Set the panel aside. 4. Release Belt Tension: Reach inside and locate the idler pulley. Move it to release tension on the old belt. Slide the belt off the motor pulley and drum. 5. Install the New Belt: Place the new dryer belt around the drum, ensuring the ribbed side is facing the drum surface. Route the belt through the idler pulley and around the motor pulley. The idler pulley keeps the belt taut. 6. Reattach Front Panel: Align the front panel's slots with the clips on the dryer's frame. Secure the front panel by reattaching the screws and reconnecting any wires to the door switch. 7. Secure Top Panel: Lower the top panel and press it down to engage the spring clips. Make sure it's securely in place. 8. Test the Dryer: Plug the dryer back in and run a test cycle to ensure the belt is properly aligned and the drum is rotating smoothly without slipping or noise. 9. Final Check: Confirm that the belt is centered on the drum and properly threaded through the pulleys. If necessary, open the dryer again to make adjustments. Remember, if you're uncertain about any step or uncomfortable with the process, it's advisable to consult a professional technician. Consult your Amana NED7200TW dryer's manual for specific instructions related to your model, as details might vary.
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