Is it okay to put a 10 cubic ft Frigidaire on carpet?

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It is generally okay to place a 10 cubic ft Frigidaire refrigerator on carpet. However, there are a few considerations to keep in mind: 1. Level surface: Ensure that the carpeted surface is level and stable. Uneven or plush carpets may cause the refrigerator to wobble or tilt, affecting its performance. 2. Proper ventilation: Make sure there is sufficient space around the refrigerator for proper ventilation. Carpets can restrict airflow, potentially leading to overheating or reduced cooling efficiency. Placing a solid board or platform between the carpet and the refrigerator can help improve airflow. 3. Anti-vibration pads: Consider using anti-vibration pads or mats designed specifically for refrigerators. These can help reduce vibration and minimize the impact of the refrigerator on the carpet. It is always recommended to consult the refrigerator's user manual or contact Frigidaire customer support for specific guidelines related to your model.

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