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How do I get my LG washer to only spin?

To get your LG washer to only spin, you can follow these general steps:
1. Load the washer: Make sure the washer is empty or contains only items that are safe to spin. Remove any delicate or heavily soiled items that require a full wash cycle.
2. Select the appropriate cycle: Turn on the washer and select a spin-only cycle. The specific location of the spin-only cycle option can vary depending on the model of your LG washer. Typically, it is found on the control panel among the available cycle options. Look for a cycle labeled "Spin Only," "Drain & Spin," or a similar option.
3. Adjust spin speed (optional): Some LG washers allow you to adjust the spin speed. If you prefer a specific spin speed, select it using the spin speed control buttons. However, if you don't have a preference, you can leave it at the default setting.
4. Start the cycle: Once you have selected the spin-only cycle and adjusted the spin speed if desired, press the start button to initiate the cycle. The washer will begin to spin, draining any remaining water and spinning the clothes.
5. Monitor the cycle: Keep an eye on the washer as it goes through the spin-only cycle. This will allow you to ensure that the washer is functioning properly and that there are no issues or imbalances.
6. Complete the cycle: Once the spin-only cycle has finished, the washer will stop spinning. Open the lid or door and remove the clothes.
It's important to note that the specific steps and available options can vary depending on the model of your LG washer. Therefore, it is recommended to refer to the user manual provided by LG for your particular washer model. The manual will provide model-specific instructions on how to select and run a spin-only cycle and may include additional information on available options or features.

If you are unable to find the spin-only cycle option or encounter any difficulties, contacting LG's customer support or referring to their online resources can provide you with the specific guidance you need for your washer model.
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